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One of the nice things about life here in Fayetteville, AR is that parking is rarely an issue. After all, when it comes to the more stressful aspects of life behind the wheel, few are more nerve-racking than having to parallel park. Lucky for us here at Lewis Ford, our favorite automaker is working hard to make our lineup as stress-free as possible when backing in.

If there's anyone out there who could always use a helping hand from the public, it's the proud men and women who make up our police force. Don't get us wrong, we're not saying they're doing a bad job or anything, we here at Lewis Ford couldn't be more proud of the job they're doing. It's just that when you make a living out of enforcing peace and order, some extra assistance certainly never hurts. Lucky for the police, they're awfully big fans of our new and used cars. And as it just so happens, our favorite automaker is an awfully big fan of the police.

By and large, we here at Lewis Ford think of compromise as a good thing. Without it, our society wouldn't be where it is today, and anyone who's ever been married can tell you that it's the cornerstone to a healthy relationship. Then again, it's natural to have your cake and want to eat it, too. After all, that's just the way it goes with the new and used cars at our dealership.

Ford Turns Plastic Into Seat Covers

Ford believes "green" is not just an advertising term, it's a way of life and they key to a thriving future. In fact, many say that Ford is the "greenest" auto maker around. With this latest use of recycling, or "upcycling," the company is further cementing itself into that stereotype.


Seat covers offered on the all new Ford Focus Electric are going to be made from materials taken out of used plastic water bottles…

Ford Named ‘Most Innovative Automaker’

While Ford has always been on the front of new technology, it was recent updates to the Ford Fiesta and  Ford Focus that helped name the American Automaker a leader of innovations.


Here at Lewis Ford in Fayetteville, AR, we're not surprised to hear this, and are glad to pinpoint some of those advancements:


EcoBoost - "This is Ford's brand name for a line of turbocharged engines. The best example is Ford using an…

Ford And Sirius Turn Profits

Ford has become a frontrunner in technology, making saving energy and getting more miles per gallon a fuel a priority for the 2012 model year. With the addition of their EcoBoost engine to many vehicles, including its upcoming 2012 Ford Explorer, this American auto maker knows it's best to help save the environment, and your wallet.


Aside from being green, Ford has implemented various "infotainment" accessories into their new cars and trucks, available at…

Several years ago, Ford developed the "Third Age Suit" to gain insight into how they could better accommodate the Europe's quickly graying population. The Suit offered Ford engineers a visceral glimpse into everyday "Golden Age" scenarios. Ultimately, the experience provided invaluable inspiration for designing Ford cars that offer old and young drivers alike a distinct sense of comfort and ease.

Now, Ford is sharing their "Third Age Suit" with professionals from another industry, specifically…